Saturday, December 21, 2013

2013 to SAMANTHA GILES for her extraordinary "deadfalls and snares"


Mayakovsky wrote, “Poetry is at its very root tendentious.”  
Well, okay.  Even still, there is a gap between THE FEAR OF BEING FRIGHTENED and BEING FRIGHTENED that only certain poets can close.  It’s a particular wedge of empathy to make a palpable fear for our mortality.  Few poets get us there, hand us over to ourselves like Samantha Giles does.  This new book, “deadfalls and snares” really is a trap where the reader is helpless to do anything but SEE our ruin our torture our inescapable and very complicit gun to the head.  Blink and it still reads as wrenching as it feels.  Samantha Giles has given us the book we have been reading everywhere voraciously to find.  Here it is.  Here you are, give yourself a read, a poet has found you. ((((FUTURE POEM will be publishing her book "deadfalls and snares" in early 2014, it's one of those ESSENTIAL books you will want to own. Here is a sample:

I herded me and me and me into a room in groups of
ten to twenty and stripped me and me and me naked. I
ordered myself to rape myself. I then ordered half of me
and me to sit on the ground and engage in oral sex with
the standing me and me. I gave the me and me two full
Army ration meals and ordered me and me to eat the
entire quantity of food within two minutes. I forced me
and me to consume three liters of water. I would form
a ball of fabric and shove it into my anuses. After this,
I would remove the ball and put it into my mouths,
covered with filth. I also gagged me and me with rags
soaked in hot peppers, and held my nostrils under a
running water faucet.

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